Hand Lettering for Beginners

A course for beginners that goes beyond brushstrokes to make you a hand lettering artist.

This self-paced course uses a mix of videos, images, and text to help you develop your inner hand lettering artist. 

We’ll teach you to approach calligraphy from an artist’s perspective with three sections. 

Start with Basics - First we break down the parts of letters, so you know exactly what you're doing.

Learn Brush Lettering - The first style we'll explore is brush lettering, which uses a brush-tip marker to create a script style text. 

Learn Faux Calligraphy - Next, you’ll learn how to create that old school calligraphic look without having to use a messy, confusing dip pen. 

Explore Lettering at Your Own Pace 

For each section, you'll get:

video tutorials explaining the strokes, 

text and image tutorials, 

tips and tricks for smooth lettering,

printable practice pages for all strokes and flourishes. 

Make word art for yourself or loved ones

At the end of each section, you’ll have a hand lettering project in which you’ll create finished art to keep or share. 

We'll support your journey as a hand lettering artist

You’ll get one on one support, as well as be able to email the instructor or join our community for help. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format?

The course is self-paced, meaning you can go as slow or fast as you like.  All of the videos are less than an hour so you can consume them in one sitting.  You can also go back and replay sections as much as you want!

How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound?  That includes access to any updates I make to the course! (and I’m already planning updates because nothing is ever perfect)

Can’t I find the information elsewhere?

With the internet, you can find anything you want.  You will absolutely find some information on how to do brush and hand lettering, but I’m offering you two things that the internet doesn’t offer:

  1. All of the secret tips and tricks I’ve learned (the parts that “good” lettering artists don’t want to talk about)
  2. An interactive instructor.

Do you have tips for left-handed letterers?

Absolutely!  I have tips that I’ve developed through my own practice and things that I’ve learned from my left-handed colleagues.

What if I don’t improve?

I mean I can’t guarantee anything, but with over two hours of video, 75+ practice pages, and two instructor critiques, you’re GOING to improve!  If after two personalized critiques and going through the FULL course, you don’t feel like you’ve improved or we can’t see any improvement, I’m going to give you your money back!

What bonuses are you offering?

I’ve added a bonus of TWO critiques.  Meaning you have to chances for me to personally look at your work, tell you what I like and what you need a little work on, and then you have the chance to show me AGAIN to make sure we’ve tackled the problem.  You can also ask me any questions about my critique or questions that you just might have otherwise.  How many online art classes give you critiques?

Chris  Glover
Chris Glover
Hand Lettering Expert

About the instructor

Hi! I'm Chris, and I want to show you how I approach lettering from an artist's perspective. See, my hand lettering journey is a little convoluted. I went to school for fine art and ended up getting a degree in art and English. I focused on oil painting, but I've always been interested in drawing and illustrating. Ever since I was a kid, I was drawing and playing with my handwriting. I've always had different writing styles depending on my mood and enjoyed making cards and art with lettering in it.

Only after I got my iPad was I sucked back into hand lettering in a real way. the Apple pen made it so easy that I got obsessed with digital lettering. I've since explored every aspect of calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration that I can, and it's time to share that knowledge with you! I want to show people that you can unlock your inner artist, be creative, and de-stress with hand lettering and doodling.

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